Anatomy Ultrasound

This morning, with a VERY full bladder, we had our anatomy scan. Now, before everyone gets all:

Let me get through a few things first.

You still with me, or are you scrolling down to get to the good part? Come on, stick with me.

In addition to finding out what private parts our child has, this is a very important ultrasound where measurements are taken to make sure the baby is growing at a healthy rate, certain chromosomal defects can be ruled out, any potential issues with the placenta (i.e. placenta previa), and that the visible organs are functioning/present.

Well, this is just SOME of what we learned about our science baby:

  • It does not have clubbed feet
  • A nasal bone is present (if absent, this is a marker for Down Syndrome)
  • All four chambers of the heart are present and appear to be healthy
  • Normal bloodflow from the umbilical cord to the placenta
  • Two working kidneys
  • A working digestive system – we even got to watch the baby swallowing fluid!
  • Both brain hemipheres and a pretty solid skull (14cm in circumference, a little bigger than the size of a silver dollar)
  • Three bones in each finger – which rules out a few chromosomal issues like ectrodactlyly ectodermal dyslpasia (they also look to make sure that the baby can extend their fingers, which ours clearly does)
  • No cleft palette
  • Five fingers and toes on each hand, including having feet like their daddy. The second toe is longer than the big toe, and you can see that in some of the pictures we got!
  • Weighs 10 oz and is growing completely in proportion for this week of gestation (19.1 weeks!)


The baby also has…





We stated this from the very beginning, but it bears repeating – we truly did not have a gender preference. All that matters is that this baby is healthy, and as of today, all signs point to a perfectly healthy, beautiful, little boy who is currently wiggling around my belly.

I’ve attached more pictures here: