Finally Beginning our FET cycle!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence, but I haven’t actually had much to update you on until now. And WHY is that, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Ever since we began treatment – my cycle has decided to be ENTIRELY uncooperative. Go figure, right? Many years of tracking and constant reliability and as soon as we start treatment, my body goes, “Haha, NOPE.” This past cycle, my period was 13 days late. THIRTEEN. That’s almost a fortnight. I kept waiting and waiting for it to show up, and finally after about a week I broke down and took a pregnancy test…or four. All of which were negative (as predicted), so I called the RE’s office for advice. They told me to give it a few more days and if I still do not get a period, I should schedule an appointment for a menses check. I finally called and made an appointment on Monday the 25th to see the RE for Wednesday the 27th.  Flash forward to 3:30AM on Wednesday morning, and wouldn’t you know what decided to arrive? My damn period. Thanks for the super fun, crampy, wake up call – asshole body.
In the IVF world, CD1 brings mixed feelings when you are cycling because that usually means you can begin taking medication and continue with your cycle which is GREAT. But then a period is also a reminder of past failure to conceive, adding on top the super fun pain and hormone fluctuations.

Today was my Day 3 baseline ultrasound, which again – if you have not experienced a vaginal ultrasound while on your period, you’re missing out. I’m kidding. It’s really not bad, it’s all business in the RE clinic and no one cares about whether or not you shave, or where you are on your period. It’s all normal operating procedure for them! It’s still awkward for me, but I survived. I was also really concerned about the delay in my period – at Day 21 I didn’t have any cysts and everything looked great. Then I got very sick, and my period was delayed by a freaking fortnight.

Everything looks perfect. They will call me later today with my E2 (Estradiol) levels – so I will make sure to update this post with that once I hear. But for now, I’m happy just to be progressing.

My next appointment is on August 9th, where they will check my lining again, and then we will schedule my transfer!

That’s it for now.