FET Scheduled!

Well there you have it – everything at my appointment was perfect! My lining is 11mm and my ovaries look great – i.e. I didn’t ovulate through the Estrogen that I have been taking. This is AWESOME news. With that said, our FET is scheduled for 8/16. I dont have an exact time yet because I will need to call Monday morning for an exact time. Dr. Cass is not available to do our transfer, but Dr. Yee is available and I have seen him quite a few times and trust him just as much. He has a very warm bedside manner, and always takes time to explain what the hell I am looking at during an ultrasound. If you have never had the pleasure of a vaginal ultrasound, your uterus and ovaries basically look like a Rorschach painting until they tell you what part you are looking at.  Look at this, and tell me I’m wrong! I cant be the only one…

Anyway. I will continue to take my Estrogen and then on 8/11 I will introduce the Progesterone suppositories, three times a day (again). HOORAY. >.> I will be on modified bedrest on both the 17th and 18th. Apparently our clinic errs on the conservative side of things (other clinics do not require bedrest), but honestly I could use the break from the stress of treatment as well as the stress from work. I’ll do whatever they tell me to.

I’m happy I will not be sore from the egg retrieval like I was last time we had a transfer.That will make this a much more pleasant experience all together. We are implanting our single prettiest and healthiest blastocyst. I will have a picture of it once we do our transfer, and will include it in my next update.

Onward and upward. Cross your fingers for us!