Infertility is: Getting Excited About Weird Things…

Like getting your period! It’s exciting because you can start a new cycle, begin your cycle meds, another chance at pregnancy, etc. But…real talk? It goes more like this:

Thank you, Homer. During treatment, I really only have enough space for one feeling at a time, but every unique feeling decides it wants to push its way to the front, and ruin my day. Having a great day? Why not cry about IVF for 45 minutes? Feeling angry? Here’s some grateful feelings for how wonderful your friends and family can be! It’s really confusing to articulate, but it really is messy and difficult to navigate.

I have an ultrasound on Saturday for an update on whether or not my cyst has resolved, so I will keep everyone updated. Keep your fingers crossed for me that we will be able to continue with this cycle, and that that cyst packed its bags and moved out.