Better Late Than Never! FET #2

Okay, okay, I am a bit late in posting this. I’m sorry, it’s been really busy over here. We had our transfer on 10/25, and Dr. Cass was there to perform it! I had my same nurse who performed my ultrasound…again, THE WORST part of the whole thing is needing to pee but not being able to. There was a Nurse in the room who did not introduce herself to me, so as I got into the stirrups, I said, “Hi, I know we don’t know each other, but my name is Jen and this is my vagina.” Everyone laughed, and we prepped for the transfer. Dr. Cass said, “can you get me a suture, I have a malleable one.” Two words you dont want to hear when you have your legs up in the air are “malleable” and “suture”. I mentioned this happening during our last transfer, and it was pretty quick and painless all things considered.

Now, let’s see how I did while on bed rest with all my new criteria that I placed on myself.

  • Pineapple core

I ate this the night before my transfer, the day of the transfer, and the day after. I still had some left in the fridge, but I just couldn’t do it. I also added in pomegranate juice, which is supposed to aid implantation as well. That was far more enjoyable.

  • Only lukewarm/hot beverages

This was surprisingly hard. I really love a nice, cold, glass of water – so waiting for my water to be room temperature after it had been poured in a glass was hard. I’m sure I could have microwaved it, but I didn’t like the idea of that when I drink a ridiculous amount of water every day. That’s a lot of zapping things, when I am supposed to be resting. I also added ‘No cold feet’ to the list, at the recommendation from a close friend. Why not, right?

  • Happy movies only

Hardest of everything. My DVR was crying out to me, begging me to watch “Westworld”, or the season finale of “The Strain”.  Not today, Satan. I had to keep resisting the urge to log back in to my normal Netflix account and watch some horror movies (’tis the season), instead of my pre-approved “Grow Embryo Grow” list. I ended up watching mostly cartoons (American Dad, South Park, some Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc) and Animal Planet. Who doesn’t love cartoons and puppies? Oh god, I sound like I am 12. Oh well.


  • Positive affirmations

I am attempting every day to relax and do something just for myself, for my own enjoyment. The positive affirmations have helped to make me feel more at peace and more in control of what is happening in my body. It’s something I have been starting and ending my day with. There’s a wealth of great ones that I have found by googling, and I will probably make a post with them at some point. But for now, it’s just anything positive related to my body, mind, soul, and fertility.

So, conclusion from all this? It really wasn’t that difficult to make these small changes, and it certainly cant hurt, so why not?

And now…we wait.