Update (I need to work on better titles)

Today was my follow-up appointment, after almost 3 weeks on birth control. Dean and I arrived at the appointment this morning for my ultrasound to see if the cyst has resolved.


The cyst is gone! Everything looked “perfect” according to Dr. Cass. I take birth control for another 2 days, and then on Friday we have another appointment. I will have another ultrasound, and then Dean and I are both going to learn how to administer the injections. Then on Sunday, I begin the stims. Everything is moving much more quickly now! We also pay the full price for our treatment on Friday – $17,200. Of course it is worth the money – but I occasionally balk at how much money it actually is. It is worth anything to us, but it is still just so much money.

This update is short, but it is probably the most important one to date because it finally means we are beginning treatment.¬†After waiting this long to make any progress – we are finally here. And hey, after waiting my entire life… I can wait another month.