Monitoring Updates – Day 3 and Day 5 of Stims

I had an appointment on Friday as part of my monitoring while taking my stims. They monitor my Estradiol (Estrogen – E2) levels to make sure that my follicles are developing on track. On Day 3, my E2 level was 156. My doctors were very pleased with that number, and told me to keep taking my meds at the same dose that I have been and that I would need to come in on Sunday for an ultrasound as well as another blood test.

We currently have 15 follicles that they can see, ranging from 5mm-10.6mm. Here are :


1 – 10.6mm follicle

2 – 9mm follicles

3 – 8mm follicles

4 – 7mm follicles

Total on right: 10


1 – 7mm follicle

2 – 6mm follicles

1 – 5mm follicle

My Estradiol (E2) level is now 456. They consider a normal range at this stage to be anywhere from 200-700. Everything is perfectly on track (according to the RE) and they want me to keep on my medications at the same dose. The RE office defines mature follicles as being 15-20mm in size, so we still have to see how everything matures and develops in the meantime. I have another appointment on Tuesday, which is the day before my last day of stim medication. This appointment will indicate if I am ready to trigger and then proceed with the egg retrieval!
As a  side note, today has been a pretty rough day for me symptoms wise – I am very bloated (normal, but obnoxious) and had a major hormonal headache this morning that completely derailed my day of any productivity. Adding fatigue on all of this and I am just wiped out. I’ve been told that this is entirely expected and normal, but man it makes me feel lazy to not accomplish anything during the day. I am doing my best to relax and take everything as it comes, while also trying to be kind to myself. It’s not easy, but I am trying!
We will see what Tuesday brings.