Day 7 of Stims – But wait, THERE’S MORE…

My follicles are growing, and mostly on schedule. The average size on my right size is 12-15mm per follicle, except for on the left side- where they are all around 9mm in size. My Estrogen level is 873, which they are pleased with, but the RE has requested that I stay on the same dosage of medication.

I was actually scheduled to finish my stims tomorrow, May 25th at night. SURPRISE! NOPE! The Doctor has decided that they want me to complete another three days of medications before my trigger shot to help continue to grow my lining and my under-achieving follicles. This meant that we needed to purchase more medication. That shouldn’t be too bad, right? WRONG.



Yes. That is an additional $1,027.47 for medication, which brings the grand total for medications alone to: $4,169.26. This hurts. A lot. Forget the fact that I have to inject myself for additional days – it’s just the fact that we are already being bled dry and now we have to pay more money because (once again) my body is showing up late to the party.

The good news is, that as I am being monitored very closely (I have another appointment tomorrow for blood and ultrasound) and they said I would be taking these medications up until the day I get my trigger shot, which (for all intents and purposes) should be this weekend on Saturday the 28th. Everyone cross their fingers and toes.